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posture pole

What is the Posture Pole?

Our Chiropractors explain how to use it to improve your posture

what is the posture pole?

The Posture pole is a half foam roller that is the length of your spine. 

The aim of this device is to lift your back off the ground and enable you to stretch out your spine and posture. 

It is a simple & very useful at home stretching device. It is very easy to use as all you have to do is lay back on it.

Posture Pole

why is posture

¬†Posture plays an important role in each person’s body. Not every one that sits at a desk tends to have issues, but if you combine that with a lack or mobility & exercises, then the muscles & joints of the spine can tighten up, cause pain and start to change your posture.¬†

As seen in the picture here, once the head starts to move forward and the shoulder start to round, there is more tension on the muscles & joints around the upper back, neck & shoulders.

This can lead to pain in muscles and joints like Neck pain & upper back pain, as well as Headaches caused by Neck tension, 

how to use the
posture pole

Positioning on the Posture Pole:

– Use the Posture pole on a flat surface, not the bed

– Both your head & tail bone should be contacting the Posture pole

– Knees bent and feet slightly out to the sides to balance

– Arms out to the side, palms facing up to stretch the Pecs & chest

– Head and neck relaxed, looking at the ceiling (not to the side looking at the TV!)

Getting off the Posture Pole: 

– Roll to the side instead of sitting straight up


– Start with 2-3 minutes for the first week of using the Posture pole

– Then progress slowly to the ideal daily time of 15-20 minutes

РYou want to build up slowly to allow your body to adjust to the new posture 

– To get the best results, it should be used daily

Posture Pole
Posture Pole

who is the posture
pole good for?

There are a range of mechanical reasons we recommend patients to use the Posture Pole.

These include:

Upper back pain

Neck pain

Poor posture (rounded shoulders or forward head posture)

Headaches caused by the neck

– Shoulder pain

– Chest or pec tightness

The Posture Pole can also be used as a stress relief device. Many patients use this time each day to switch off, focus on their deep breathing or meditation, as well as taking time away from screens and devices.


Patients with these issues tend to work in office jobs with extended sitting postures.

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