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Upper Back (Thoracic) Pain

The Thoracic Spine is often the source of Upper Back or Middle Back Pain.

Chiropractors are 5 Year University Trained trained in the assessment, diagnosis & treatment of spinal problems.

What is Upper Back (Thoracic) Pain?

Pain in the Upper Back can be pain around the middle or upper part of your back. It can also radiate out to the sides to around your rib area. 

The pain can be either dull or sharp and occur with or without movement of your back.

There are 12 joints in the Thoracic spine and each level has a connecting set of ribs that make up your rib cage. 

When the pain originates from the ribs it can cause sharp pain just next to the spine & pain with taking a breath in.

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What causes
upper back
(thoracic) pain?

As there are 12 joints and discs in the Thoracic Spine – it is possible to get pain at each one of these levels.

Common causes of Upper Back Pain can include:

– Whiplash

– Bad Posture 

– Repetitive strain injuries

– High amount of desk/office work

– Lifting incorrectly

– Overdoing it in the gym

– Neck Pain that starts to travel to the Upper Back

what treatment techniques are available?

Our Chiropractor provides Manual (“hands on”) treatment such as:
– Spinal Manipulations (joint release)
– Muscle release (Soft Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Vibration Massage Gun)
As well as active care treatments:
– Exercises
– Stretches & mobility
– Advice & home care
– Posture & Ergonomic advice
– Pillow & mattress assessments
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our process


1. Assessment & Diagnosis

Chiropractors are 5 Year University trained at accurately assessing & diagnosing spinal problems. We perform a thorough Health history, Orthopaedic, Neurological & Spinal assessment to find out why you are having spinal pain or dysfunction.

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2. Treatment

Initially treatment is aimed at decreasing pain and improving movement in the acute phase. A treatment plan or guide will be suggested by our Chiropractors.


3. Exercises & Stretches

After pain is reduced & movement regained, the focus turns to maintaining mobility and starting to develop strength. This aims to prevent the same issues occurring again.

Posture Advice

4. Advice

We give Ergonomic, Posture & Pillow/Mattress assessment and advice to also prevent issues reoccurring.