What Exercise Is Best to Do?

A common question is “What exercise is best to do?”

 Well firstly, that depends on 2 things:

1. What you are trying to achieve?

2. What do you enjoy?

These two factors should direct your decision making on exercise the most, rather than what you think will get you the best results.

Read below to find out:

Benefits of Exercise

What are you trying to achieve?

What do you enjoy

How to Start Exercising

The Benefits of Exercise

During your recovery from back/neck pain or other aches & pains, patients will be encouraged to take up some form of exercise (if they weren’t doing anything prior) alongside their exercises given at the clinic.  

We know exercises has many benefits such as:

  • Pain reduction
  • Improved mood
  • Promotes healing
  • Strengthens bones
  • Living longer

It also is a great way to prevent pain from reoccurring in the future & will help your overall health & wellbeing. 

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What exercise is best

1. What are you trying to achieve?

There can be a range of reasons for starting to exercise. 

After having a painful back or neck episode, most patients are focused on “What can I do to prevent that from coming back” – and that is a fair reason to want to get active – to prevent pain.

Other reasons may include:

  • Generally becoming more active & healthier
  • Developing more strength
  • Developing more flexibility
  • Improving Posture
  • Fitness for a specific event E.g. 10km run
  • Playing/keeping up with their kids
  • Preventing injuries at work

Having a clear goal in mind will allow you to be more motivated in that exercise, it will also direct what type of exercise which may be more suited to you. 

Someone that just wants to be generally more active & healthier may prefer the environment of a team sport, rather than a weights routine at the gym, which may be more suited to the person trying to gain strength.

You may also realise that what works for your friend, doesn’t work for you! You have to find your own motivations & enjoyments for exercise to be a regular part of your week.

2. What do you enjoy?

This is the easy part, the more you enjoy it, the more likely you will commit to it and not resent every time you have to do it!


If you have done a particular exercise in the past and did enjoy it – I would start with revisiting that! 


If you haven’t done any exercise in the past, I would start with something gentle like walking, yoga or a social team sport with your friends to get going. 


Remember the easiest way to get injured is starting with too much or progressing too fast (I.e. Not running previously and attempting a 5km run for the first time).

What exercise is best

How to start exercising

Just getting started is the key. 

Some key factors to remember when it comes to starting is:

  1. It doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective or be able to progress the exercise
  2. Technique doesn’t have to be perfect to be safe – take signs from your body as markers
  3. You don’t need lots of equipment or gadgets to get started
  4. Exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting or have you sore for days after

 Instead of starting next week or month, start immediately & you will have the first one out of the way!


If you need any help deciding on what Exercise might be best or you are recovering from an injury, don’t hesitate to get into Book Online below or contact us here at your Fremantle Chiropractor, Chiro & Co.

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