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hamilton Hill chiropractor

Do you need Back Pain relief in Hamilton Hill? 

The Hamilton Hill Chiropractor may be able to help! 

Top 5 Facts about the Hamilton Hill Chiropractor

  1. Easy to access – Off South Street
  2. Close to Hamilton Hill – Under 2km
  3. On-site Free Parking 
  4. Open Early to late: 9am until 7pm
  5. Open Saturday mornings


Hamilton Hill Chiropractor
Hamilton Hill Chiropractor

Why do people visit the Hamilton Hill Chiropractor?

The most common conditions we see are:

  1. Lower Back Pain
  2. Neck Pain
  3. Headaches
  4. Sciatica Рor leg pain
  5. Posture problems

What treatment options are available?

Chiropractors have a wide range of knowledge & a range of different techniques they can perform.

Treatment can include the following:

Spinal Manipulation (adjustments): These are gentle but fast movements on the joints of the spine to allow an increase in motion of the joints.

The most common areas that manipulations are performed are the spine (Neck, Middle back and lower back), but also Extremity joints (shoulders/wrists/elbows/knees/feet & ankles).

Soft Tissue (Muscle Release):  This can include Vibration massage (Hypervolt Machine), Trigger point release (releasing muscle knots) or Dry Needling.

Exercises & Rehabilitation:  This is usually focusing on strengthening certain areas of the body Рto take pressure of joints & muscles. 

Our Chiropractors are passionate about combining strengthening with your treatment, which ensures you can maintain your health long term.

Hamilton Hill Chiropractor

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