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Dr. Nicole Ritchie Fremantle Chiropractor

Dr. Nicole Ritchie (Chiropractor)
B.Sc (Chiropractic), B.Chiro (Distinction)

Dr. nicole Ritchie

Director & Principal Chiropractor at Chiro & Co.

Nicole believes that enabling patients to become an active participant in their recovery will achieve the best results. 

This approach stems from her very active childhood and life in general. She has always had an interest in the spine & human body and how important it is to take care of the ones we have!

Nicole has previously participated in a wide range of sports: From the age of 7 years she was a gymnast at WA Institute of Sport (WAIS). Following that, through her schooling, an Athlete & Cross Country runner competing in State & National events regularly. She currently enjoys competing in her Futsal (Indoor Soccer) team, attending the gym and the occasional run or cycle.

Prior to opening her own clinic, Nicole previously worked in the busy northern suburbs of Melbourne. This is where she was able to see a large range of clients with differing conditions over the many years she was practicing there.


Course Qualifications

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As a Fremantle Chiropractor, Nicole treats a range of patients from teenagers right through to the elderly with conditions ranging from Back Pain, Disc injuries, Neck Pain, Headaches/Migraines, Posture concerns and more. 

Nicole is always continuing to further her studies in musculoskeletal health & spinal ailments. 

She surrounds herself with a team of local allied health professions to assist her in achieving the best results for her patients.

Nicole graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, WA where she received Distinction average for her degree. 

One of Nicole’s greatest achievements through Chiropractic was being involved in the charitable cause ‘Hands on India’ – where she directed 20 students to fundraise over $80,000 to directly provide health-care assistance to struggling groups in India.

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3 Facts About Nicole

  1. Nicole has had her fair share of injuries over the years, mostly sport related – a dislocated & fractured Knee cap, dislocated Collar bone and a disc bulge – so she understands journey of pain & recovery.
  2. She is a dog mum to her beloved Cavoodle, George – You may occasionally see him at the clinic!
  3. Nicole fills her weekends with good coffee, DIY’S  projects & hanging out with her family.
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