Bulk Bill Chiropractor Fremantle

Bulk Bill Chiropractor Fremantle

Does Medicare cover the Chiropractor?

About Bulk Billed Visits: 

Through a referral from your GP – You may be eligible to receive up to 5 Visits at the Bulk Bill Chiropractor Fremantle.

Currently known as CDM or Chronic Disease Management (Formerly EPC), is a system run by Medicare where a range of Chronic conditions can be managed by a team of allied practitioners, instructed by your GP. 

You are able to use your visits at the Chiropractor for your Musculoskeletal complaints (i.e. Chronic back or neck painsciaticaheadaches and more).

It allows you to manage your Chronic condition, thus aiding improvement & targeting all areas of the condition.

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Dr. Nicole (Bulk Bill Chiropractor Fremantle) using the Hypervolt machine
Dr. Nicole (Chiropractor) using the Soft Tissue release (Hypervolt) machine on the Upper Back muscles.

Medicare Plans that give Bulk billed visits are available to patients that have a Chronic condition.

They define Chronic conditions as: something that has been present for 6 or more months, or if you have a complex health situation (E.g. Lower back pain & Diabetes Type 2).

    You may receive up to 5 Bulk Billed visits per Calendar Year (1-5 Visits is up to the discretion of the GP). 

    There are no further visits given in a calendar year.

    If those visits are not used in that calendar year, then the remainder are forfeited and you will have to get a new referral letter for the new calendar year.

    If you need further informationFact Sheet on CDM Plans here.

    How do I get a Bulk Billed Visits?

    Follow these 4 Easy Steps:

    1. Consult with Your GP
    2. See if you are eligible for a CDM Plan with Bulk Billed Visits
    3. Once Approved for visits: Book an Appointment with us
    4. Bring your Referral (CDM Letter – see picture) to your appointment, as well as your Medicare card. 

    Usually your GP will also fax the referral & health history through, but please bring a hard copy just in case.

    We DO NOT charge a Gap on Bulk Bill Visits!

    We are proud to say that we are 100% Bulk Billed for eligible CDM Patients. 

    Some clinics may charge a Gap for their services – We DO NOT charge a Gap on Bulk Billed Appointments through Medicare.

    What if I can’t get the CDM Plan for the Bulk Billed Chiropractor Fremantle?

    Occasionally, we can write a letter after an Initial Health History & Examination explaining your case & exam findings to the GP which may help you receive a plan for Bulk Billed visits.

    If you do not have a CDM Plan through Medicare, standard fees apply & are due at the time of consultation – We do not operate any open account systems. Thank you for your understanding.

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