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sports massage fremantle

Highly qualified & experienced in treating a range of high level athletes - Jess offers Sports Massage to the Fremantle area.

"Every BODY deserves a massage"
Our Fremantle therapist
Jessica byrne
Remedial Massage Therapist & Owner of Reset Massage Co.

Working with professional teams

Jess’s current role outside of private practice is the Massage Therapist for the Women’s Perth Glory Team for the 2021 Season. 

This involves working with a team of Health Professionals to achieve optimum results for the athletes.

In Melbourne, she has previously worked alongside Physiotherapists & Massage therapists for Men’s NPL Team ‘Green Gully’ and Women’s Melbourne Victory team. 

Perth Glory Womens Team
Perth Soccer Club Jess Byrne

Current sports career

Jess is a high level Soccer Player, competing in both outdoor & indoor. She has just signed for her second season with both Perth FC for outdoor & The Fremantle Wolves for indoor (futsal). 

As an athlete herself, Jess understands the demands that high level sports have on the body.

She is passionate about the Athletes she works with being in the best physical shape to achieve their goals. 

Techniques & Processes

Jess works out of two High level Multi-disciplinary practices in Perth. 

Due to this she collaborates with your Allied Health team such as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists & Massage Therapists to get the best result for your individual case.

She combines a range of different Sport’s massage techniques including:

  • Remedial massage
  • Cupping
  • Active release
  • Trigger point release
  • Massage gun
  • Direction on stretches
  • & more
Our Fremantle therapist

Features of our clinic

4 mins from Fremantle - easy to access

Away from the hassle of finding parking directly in Freo - we are just up South Street, with plenty of onsite FREE parking.
Also accessible by the 999 Bus us South St - bus stop directly across from the clinic.

Brand new equipment

We offer brand new tables, fresh towels & pride ourselves on having an exceptionally clean environment for you to thoroughly enjoy your massage.

Modern, clean environment

Our space in Chiro & Co. is recently renovated with exposed concrete floors, modern fixtures & an exceptionally clean environment.

Highly trained Professionals working together

Jess works closely with the Health Professionals she works with to expand her knowledge & get the best results for her clients.
Treatment is specific to your individual needs & not

location of sports massage fremantle

Do you need to get your body back to performing at it's best?