Neck Pain

Neck Pain can be painful, debilitating & frustrating

It is the second most common condition Chiropractors see (Behind Low Back Pain)

Learn some tips below from our Chiropractors to get Neck Pain relief today

– What is Neck Pain?

– Causes of Neck Pain

– Treatment Options for Neck Pain Relief

– Our Top Tips on Prevention

what is neck pain?

Neck pain is usually described as soreness, pain or discomfort originating from the neck area.  

This is either from muscles, joints or nerves.

Neck pain can be very painful, debilitating and cause other symptoms at the same time such as Headaches, Dizziness or occasionally pain that down the arm.

The neck is made up of 7 vertebrae (bones), surrounding by many muscles & nerves exiting the spine.

Due to these important structures – it is essential you get a Full History & Examination of your neck pain to assess the cause. 

That way you can get treatment specific to your case & get to the source of the problem.

Neck pain

Causes of neck pain

The 3 main structures that can be irritated in the Neck are: Muscles – Joints – Nerves

 Pain usually starts from 2 reasons:

Too little (inactivity):

– Desk or office work

– Lack of exercise (Sedentary life)

Too much (repetitive strain) causes are usually:

– Repetitive activity or Posture

–  Whiplash

– Increasing exercises too fast or by too much weight

– Cracking or releasing your own Neck 

Other causes can be:

– High Stress events 

– Lack of sleep & recovery

– Sleeping in an awkward position

– Having an unsupportive pillow

Treatment options for neck pain relief

The aim of Neck Pain Treatment is to:

1. Get the joints moving better

2. Releasing tense & tight muscles

3. Retraining weak muscles to prevent the pain coming back

Our Fremantle Chiropractors use a range of ‘Hands on’ therapies such as:

– Spinal joint manipulation & mobilisations

– Muscle release (Vibration massage, Trigger point therapy)

– Traction (Stretching) therapy

– Dry Needling

Also a range of ‘Hands off’ therapies:

– Stretches & Strengthening exercises

– Rehabilitation programmes

– Home / Work / Sleep advice (Pillow & Mattress)

– Posture advice & retraining

Neck pain release

our top tips on prevention

Sometimes it is easier to prevent an issue rather than try & fix it after its developed. 

Dr. Nicole (Chiropractor) has listed below some techniques to get Neck Pain Relief as well as prevent it occurring in the future.

Neck pain relief techniques include:

– Regular stretches, movement & exercises

– Maintaining a good diet low in processed foods, plenty of water

– Managing stress levels (yoga, meditation, good sleep habits)

– Having a Good Quality Pillow – Read Here: How to Select the Best Pillow

– Taking time to care for your body – Find a combination that works for you – Massage, Exercise, Dry Needling, Float tanks, Sauna, & Chiropractic adjustments! 

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Neck pain
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