Chiropractor O'Connor

Are you seeking a Chiropractor in O’Connor?

Chiro & Co. is conveniently located on South Street in O’Connor – a short drive from Fremantle

We are open 6 days including Saturday mornings and service the suburbs of 6163 & surrounds

Why the Chiropractor O'Connor?

  • Easy to access off South Street
  • Bus stop 999 at the front door
  • Close to Fremantle
  • Free parking
  • Qualified, trained professionals
  • Modern & clean space
  • Open 6 days
  • Remedial Massage also available

Our Chiropractor in O'Connor

Dr. Nicole (Chiropractor) is the Principal Female Chiropractor in O’Connor.

She has a wide range of experience treating patients with musculoskeletal complaints (joints, muscles, nerves).

As well as: Posture concerns, Sports injuries, Headaches, Neck pain, Disc pain & more.

Nicole Ritchie Chiro Profile
South Street Chiro & Co.

What Treatment options are at the chiropractor o'Connor

Spinal Manipulation/Release

Have you had that feeling like you need a release or “crack”?

Adjustments are fast but gentle releases on joints – these releases are designed to get stiff & non-mobile joints moving again.

Adjustments can be performed on all joints of the spine (Neck, middle, low back) and all other joints of the body (Shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, jaw etc.)

Muscle Therapy

Muscle release is usually used together with adjustments. 

Muscles can act in a protective way around joints, so releasing these muscles can assist with releasing the joints

Dr. Ritchie (Chiropractor) uses a range of tools for muscle release including the Hypervolt Massage Gun, Trigger point therapy, Active release technique & more.


We are passionate about changing patterns or habits in your body to ensure your same issues do not return.

This is why we use exercises & rehab programs for our patients as well as transition back to running/sport/gym programs. 

find us in o'Connor

We are located at 3c/352 South Street, O’Connor

Open 6 Days

M 9am – 7pm

T 9am – 7pm

W 9am – 12pm

T 9am – 7pm

F 9am – 12pm

S 9am – 12pm

S Closed