Chiropractor Near Me 6163

Chiropractor Near Me - 6163

Are you searching for a Chiropractor nearby?

Chiro & Co. is your local Chiropractor servicing the 6163 suburbs!

We service the areas of:

  • Hilton
  • Hamilton Hill
  • Coolbellup
  • Kardinya
  • O’Connor
  • Spearwood
  • Samson
  • Bibra Lake

5 Features to make it easy to locate us in the 6163 suburbs:


  1. We are easily accessible – Near the corner of Carrington & South Street
  2. We have plenty of Parking (off-street) – so you do not need to waste time finding a park
  3. Central location
  4. Inside a Medical building with other Health Professionals (Podiatry, Psychology etc.)
  5. Easily Accessible by Bus/Public transport (Off South St or Carrington St.)


    Dr. Nicole (Chiropractor) graduated from Murdoch University with Distinction in her double Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Chiropractic Science. 


    She has lived locally around Fremantle most of her life (apart from a few years in Melbourne).


    As an athlete (mainly athletics & long distance running) growing up, she had her fair share of injuries & has always been fascinated about how the body works. 


    She is passionate about getting patients into exercise & helping their bodies function better so they can get their symptoms (e.g. pain, stiffness) reduced.

    Conditions We See at the 6163 Chiropractor:

    When searching for a “Chiropractor Near Me” – patients are often looking for a particular reason.

    The majority of Chiropractors focus on issues related to the SPINE, JOINTS & MUSCLES – this is known as ‘musculoskeletal’ or ‘MSK’. 


    The conditions we see include:

    Before We Give Treatment

    Before we do treatment, these steps are followed to ensure you are in the right place & we are able to help:

    • Full Medical & Health History taken
    • Posture assessment performed
    • Full Examination on Nerves, joints & muscles
    • Benefits, risks & alternative treatment options are explained

    If you have any questions for the 6163 Chiropractor, Please do not hesitate to call us: 

    0435 500 733 or fill in the form below

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