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Near Coolbellup

Chiro & Co. is well positioned if you are looking for a Chiropractor near Coolbellup.

We are located 4 minutes down South Street in O'Connor.

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chiropractor near coolbellup

We are approximately 4-5minutes drive from Coolbellup.

As Coolbellup is bordered by the streets of  Stock Rd, Winterfold Rd, North Lake Rd & Forrest Rd, it is easily accessible onto South Street. 

The main routes to the clinic are Winterfold Rd or Forrest Rd onto Stock Rd and then onto South Street. Secondly, North Lake Rd to South Street will also bring you to the clinic.

The 999 Bus Stop is also directly outside our clinic which runs up & down South Street. 


Chiropractor Near Coolbellup
Meet Our Chiro Nicole

the chiropractic team

Dr. Nicole (Chiropractor) has lived locally in the Fremantle area her whole life. She has previously lived in Coolbellup while studying at Murdoch University.

As a result, she is familiar with the area and knows there are limited amenities located in the suburb of Coolbellup.

She offers a “Hands on” approach to Chiropractic using manual adjustments (joint release) and muscle release techniques to help her patients. 

As well as this, she includes stretches, exercises & plans on how to return to your usual activities pre-injury. 

She is a honest, knowledgable & caring Chiropractor and is passionate about helping her community.

conditions we see

Chiropractors generally see a range of conditions related to the spine, joints & muscles. 

Traditionally, they dealt with conditions such as Back and Neck pain, including Disc Injuries. But now see a larger range of issues from Hip, Knee, Shoulder pain to Migraines, Headaches and Jaw Pain.

If you have any questions related to your condition, please contact us. 

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Chiropractor near Coolbellup
  1. The suburb of Coolbellup is apart of the City of Cockburn
  2. In the 1920’s most of the area was taken up by Dairy farms
  3. Coolbellup is located 15km’s from the CBD and 8km’s from Fremantle
  4. Houses in this area are typically built in 1960’s and usually stand on approximately 700 sq/m’s
  5. Coolbellup has a range of parks, notably Tempest Park & Len Packham Reserve.

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near coolbellup

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